Thursday 16th March saw the WIT GAA Club welcome and introduce students from Scandinavia to our native game of Hurling. This workshop took place on a fine sunny day out on the astro turf pitch in the WIT Arena. In total 70 students took part.

The first group of 35 were very eager to learn the skills and rules of the game. A demonstration of all the basic skills of Hurling were first shown; roll and pick up, pick up on the run, ball striking, blocking, hand passing and dribbling. With the sport of Hockey being a popular sport in Norway and Sweden, some of these complete beginners showed great ability to quickly adapt to the sport. The workshop ended with a long puck competition, some of the students even managed to reach the half way line, which is a great achievement having only practiced for such a short while. After this, it was then the second’s group turn. Once again, this group had great intent and were very eager to try better the other half of their class having watched the first session.

Truth be told, both groups really exceeded expectation for their first time playing Hurling, and more importantly great fun was had by all.